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 The Random Thoughts Thread 
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For when you have something worth sharing on this forum, but it doesn't fit in any of the other pre-existing threads (as you'll see in a moment).

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Mon May 01, 2017 2:10 pm
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I'll start this off by talking about Youtube clickbate extraordinaires WatchMojo's "top 10 movies with the best action scenes" list, which is as follows:

Honorable Mentions: The Bourne Ultimatum, Dredd, Hard Boiled

#10. The Raid
#9. Die Hard
#8. John Wick
#7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
#6. Mission Impossible III
#5. Mad Max: Fury Road
#4. Aliens
#3. Skyfall
#2. The Matrix
#1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

First off, I don't have much of a problem with Bourne Ultimatum being an HM, or with The Raid, Die Hard, Winter Soldier, Fury Road, Aliens, The Matrix, or T2 making the list proper. I would probably rearrange a couple of them around personally, but a couple of differences in rankings is no biggie.

My real complaint is with the rest, starting with something like Dredd even just being an honorable mention, as, besides Ma-Ma having that entire floor mowed down (which isn't even a great action scene for me if I'm being honest, though it is definitely a good one), none of the action in that movie left much of an impression otherwise, slow-motion/psychedelic effects or not. The opening car chase was just okay, and the rest of it was mostly just the Judge mowing down baddies in a rather straightforward, stiff manner, and it was painfully obvious that Karl Urban (or his stuntmen) could barely see/move around in that costume, which really hurts the action. And don't even get me started on that Judge vs.Judge hand-to-hand fight where you can't even tell which one is Dredd because the director insisted he keep his faceplate on the entire time no matter what. Don't get me wrong, despite me being kind of mixed on the overall film, there were good things about Dredd, but the action, for the most part, wasn't one of them.

Besides that, the action in John Wick was too slick, obviously choreographed, and too lacking in a real sense of danger for me to agree with; had they listed the more brutal Chapter 2 instead, I would've had less of an issue (though some of its action was still sometimes too repetitive nonetheless). As for MI3, its action wasn't bad, but I don't remember it being nearly impressive enough to be worthy of the list, while Skyfall, though definitely a strong movie in general, and one of the better Bond movies, didn't have nearly enough memorable action in it to make the list; the appeal of it definitely lay more in the writing, characterizations, and visual style rather the action, and I really wasn't enthralled by any of the action scenes in Skyfall besides the cool "silhouette fight" (and even then, the scene is more impressive for the style in which the action was depicted, rather than the action itself). If they wanted to list any Bond movie for teh action, then Casino Royale would've been a MUCH better choice, IMO.

And finally, how in the fuck is Hard Boiled (or The Killer) not only not #1, but not even on the list proper?I? Woo has so heavily influenced so many other action directors in the past 3+ decades that to not put at least one of his classics on the actual list is a downright crime against humanity. It's obvious from this particular snub (among others) that WatchMojo had a bias towards more recent Hollywood actioners when compiling this list, and weren't really interested in listing the movies with the actual best action, just the ones that their viewers are more likely to have seen. Heck, even if they were only interested in Hollywood Woo, they still should've put Face/Off on the list just so they could say the guy who's possibly the most influential action director of all time is represented by something. Anyway, rant over.

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Mon May 01, 2017 2:10 pm
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